Baby Born in Penn Station During Morning Rush Hour

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Penn StationCommuters at New York City's Penn Station got a little extra excitement on their way to the train this morning: Expectant mom Marie Booth gave birth to a seven-pound baby boy under the Departures sign. Marie and her husband, Jonathon, were making their way from East Orange, N.J., to North Central Hospital in the Bronx when Marie realized she was in full-blown labor. "Forget the ambulance, forget everything else -- I'm going to have the baby right here," she remembered saying.

The baby was delivered by three members of the police department's counter-terrorism patrol team and an Amtrak employee. When the whole thing was over, commuters cheered. "They started yelling, 'Name him Penn, after Penn Station!'" said Marie Medina, one of the officers who helped in the delivery.

Marie and Jonathan went with their fellow train riders' wishes, naming their son Caesar Penn Boothe. Mom and baby are both reported to be doing fine.

And you thought your commute was rough this morning. Wow!

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