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the country bunnyTired of children's books who always show Mom doing domestic tasks? Mommy Track'd has a list of books for the modern family.

Nothing's cuter than a hula-hooping baby, except a baby who does it without the hoop. -- The Daily What

Bottles are going BPA-free, but when NY tried to ban BPA in toys, manufacturers claimed that it'll jack toy prices up and parents can't afford that. Sound like an excuse to you? -- Strollerderby

Baby could make four for Madonna, who's considering adopting another Malawian baby. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Friday night is bar night at our house, and no, not that kind of bar night. It's when we pull all the leftovers out of the fridge and have taco bar for dinner (or pizza bar or burrito bar ... you get the idea). Perfect for picky eaters. -- LilSugar

Kids have a way of taking up any time parents have leftover to spend with each other. If you're feeling a little distant from your partner these days, here are 10 ways to reconnect. -- Divine Caroline

Moms of boys have to make their first tough decision right away -- circumcise or not? Join the discussion over at Momversation.

Remember how much you loved "Jessie's Girl" when you were young? Now you can fall in love all over again with Rick Springfield's lullaby album My Precious Little One. -- Cool Mom Picks

Imaginary friends are a common childhood phenomenon, and as one mom recently discovered, a launching pad for deep discussions. -- Blogher | Cribsheet


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