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bald babyWhen I was born, I had a full head of thick black hair. My mother clearly enjoyed styling my locks as every old photo shows my hair beautifully coiffed with clips and bows. Of course, not all mothers get the opportunity to play hairdresser to their little princesses. Many babies are born with little or no hair and sometimes even what they have falls out and leaves them bald. What's a fashion conscious mom to do? Why strap on some fake hair, of course!

Nothing says "I'm not a boy" quite like a cute hairdo and a reader over at Cafe Mom has discovered a way to feminize even the baldest baby. For the girl who has everything except hair, we bring you Baby Bangs. These are soft fabric hairbands with attached strands of dyed-to-match synthetic fibers that give the illusion of hair where there is none.

Are you as horrified as I am? You might argue that putting fake hair on your baby is no different than dressing her up in frilly dresses and hair bows and you might be right. But for me, giving baby what amounts to a toupee so she looks prettier is somehow saying "I love you but your appearance isn't quite right." Plus, these things cost nearly $30 each! That's a lot of money for something that is most likely going to end up in baby's mouth.

Ultimately, I think the mom who buys fake hair for her baby is probably a little too concerned with appearances. Not only that, she has too much time on her hands. Check out the illustrated step-by-step instructions for wearing and styling the Baby Bangs. Notice that a doll is used in the demonstration as no real baby is going to sit still for the styling, swirling and hair-spraying required to achieve that real hair look.

Check out Baby Bangs for yourself and tell me what you think. Would you give your bald baby a toupee?

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