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tantrumGot a kid who's misbehaving? Could be a sign that what they need is not more punishment, but more love. -- PBS Supersisters

Formula is expensive, that's for sure. But a leading pediatrician reminds parents that it's better for baby when you buy the store brand, rather than water down formula to cut costs. -- LilSugar

Before that first tooth wiggles it's way out, make sure you have a plan. Here are a few suggestions to make a tradition out of visits from the tooth fairy. -- Motherlode

I always wondered this one myself: What's the difference between the sizes 24 month and 2T? Apparently, shorter legs and a wider, diaper-containing bottom. -- CafeMom

She's not a doctor, but she plays a surgeon on TV ... Grey's Anatomy, in fact. And now spitfire Chandra Wilson is protecting kids' health by promoting OTC drug safety through the Treat With Care campaign. -- RoleMommy

Inspired by the Obama's new kitchen garden at the White House? Here's 10 kid-friendly vegetables you can grow in your own backyard with help from your little gardeners. -- On Parenting

Having an older brother or sister can teach you important, life-long rules, like "If you make someone angry enough, he might erase your PlayStation game." So the next time your kids are at each others' throats, just remember ... they're in training. -- Babble

As Natasha Richardson's friends, family, and fans mourn her sudden loss, we all wonder how such a normal fall could result in such a serious injury. If bumps on the noggin worry you, here are some signs of serious brain injury. Learn the difference between when to reach for an ice pack and when to head to the ER. -- MomLogic

Worried that your little couch potato is starting to grow roots? Get them up and moving with one of these 18 games that are sure to keep kids off the couch. -- Parenting

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