Mad Men Style Hits Second Grade

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Arlo Weiner is eight years old and in the second grade. But while most of his peers are schlepping around in sweats and t-shirts, Arlo is dressing up in a creative range of cool duds. His closet includes velvet breeches and a top hat, as well as a collection of ascots and bowties, all of which he wears to school on a regular basis. No surprise, really: Arlo's dad is Matt Weiner, creator of AMC's Mad Men, which has been praised for it's incredible costuming, and has singlehandedly brought back the day dress for a generation of moms raised on jeans.

Arlos Mad Men Style

    Arlo in white shirt and plaid pants
    "My parents buy me things and friends give me gift certificates to Jetrag (a used clothing store). My mom likes shopping at re-sale stores that have a lot of stuff from the movie studios. They have unusual things: Suspenders, britches, tuxedo coats, ascots, ties, and hats." His parents have good taste, he says, "except some houses that they think are nice I think are ugly."


    Arlo in top hat and breeches
    What do Arlo's second grade classmates think of his sartorial style? "They got used to it and they like it. They think it's cool because nobody else does it. I like it because it makes me feel one of a kind."


    Arlo in fedora
    What about a favorite outfit? "I want a purple velvet tuxedo, like Willy Wonka has, but I haven't been able to find it yet. It's really hard to pick a favorite outfit from my clothes because there are so many options for me to mix up that look good."


    Arlo with cane
    Ever get the urge to toss on some sweats? "I have a green robe that is very soft and comforting that I wear and slippers that look like fire engines. If I have to get dressed fast I'll sometimes wear sweatpants or an engineer's jumpsuit."


GQ's Sarah Goldstein describes Arlo's look as "part Oliver Twist, part Royal Tenenbaums -- eclectic and kidlike, but somehow knowingly so." Example: His current favorite piece is a fez, because "I like to flick the string." His outfits are a far cry from what his classmates are wearing, but they are still entirely kid-appropriate and charming. They're just more fashion-forward than the closet of your average eight-year-old boy.

Arlo's sartorial influences include his dad's TV show and old movies his parents rent for him. Not surprisingly, he has a range of thougtful opinions about clothes, his own and other people's. Who is the best dressed character on Mad Men? "Paul, the guy with the pipe who wears bowties." Arlo also thinks that "Don Draper should wear more colorful jackets instead of just grey and black." Arlo himself is big on color, donning a red velvet jacket for Valentine's day.

What can parents do to encourage kids to be more adventurous and creative with their clothes? "They should slowly have them dress nicer and nicer without them noticing," Arlo suggests wisely. "Start with a revolting sweater then move to something nicer and nicer like a jacket and then a tuxedo so they wouldn't notice it, unless your kid has a good memory."

"But I for one," he adds, "like dressing fancy."


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