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child walkingA neighbor's three-year-old repeatedly comes across the street to visit without her parents' knowledge, sometimes for up to an hour. Call CPS, talk to the parents, or just keep waiting for her to get picked up ... what would you do? -- MomLogic

Dinner out with baby is rarely without incident. One mom manages a lovely dinner in a hip bistro with baby in tow ... until her daughter pulls the fire alarm. -- Strollerderby

Gone are the days when pregnancy meant daytime TV and chocolate bonbons. (Did that time ever really exist in the first place?) Today's expecting moms need to stay active, so here are the seven best workouts for pregnant women. -- BabyCenter

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller aren't shy about playing favorites. "Max [is my favorite]. Max is sweet and quiet. And Bob is kind of loud and cries a lot like his father," Mueller tells Extra. Do you have a favorite child? And if so, do you admit it? -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Always wanted to be a mommyblogger? LilSugar has some great tips for anyone who's considering starting up a family blog. It's a must read for anyone who's thinking of sharing their personal life with the Internet.

In Denmark, toddlers say goodbye to their pacifiers by hanging them from the branches of a tree. If I had tried that, it would have meant driving back to that park at 2 a.m., just to prove that "paci" was still safe. See what other tricks and traditions parents around the world are sharing with their kids. -- AlphaMom

Spend more than a few minutes online, and you'll learn there's a lot of negativity out there. The moms at Momversation explore this issue and ask the question: Do we have an obligation to share an optimistic attitude within the web community?

A teenage daughter steals money from her mom's purse. Her mom calls the police, who handcuff her daughter and put in her a police car -- for scare tactics more than anything. What do you think -- a creative consequence or overkill? -- Motherlode

Adorable, handmade, and just in time for Easter baskets ... Naked Peggies. These little wooden dolls (think old-fashioned Fisher Price) can be bought unfinished for DIYers, or custom painted and ready for play. -- Mighty Junior

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