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It's Friday already and time to make plans for the weekend. We're here to help with a list of what's new in kid's entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media.

At the Movies
Superheroes take the form of monsters in the new Dreamworks Animation film Monsters Vs. Aliens. Violence and mayhem ensue as a rag-tag team of monsters fight to save the world from an evil alien and his destructive robot. While probably too intense for the youngest viewers, the film features a strong female lead (voiced by Reese Witherspoon) and a positive message about teamwork and determination. Rated PG, OK for Kids 7+

Happily N'Ever After 2Three years after the original, Happily N'Ever After 2: Snow White finally makes it to DVD. A modernized version of the classic story, the film features a mish-mash of familiar characters with a multi-ethnic update. The scary parts are minimized, but the depiction of the death of Snow White's mother might be upsetting to some children. Not Rated, OK for Kids 6+

The break-out stars of the popular Madagascar movies, The Penguins of Madagascar now have their own television series on Nickelodeon. Relocated to the Central Park Zoo, the penguins are in a constant battle for supremacy with that other standout, King Julian. It's prankish fun with typical cartoon slapstick. Rated TV-G, OK for Kids 6+

The Odd EggIn this beautifully illustrated and simple story, a duck struggles to fit in with his egg-sitting peers by finding an egg of his own. Instead of helping him to be like everyone else, The Odd Egg draws snickers and stares. A quirky tale with a positive message about being different. OK for Kids 4+

A teaser from Miley Cyrus' new film, Hannah Montana: The Movie, Let's Get Crazy is typical Cyrus fare. Benign lyrics about letting your hair down and having fun, the tune is high-energy and stays well within the tween star's proven pop formula. Of course, the kids will love it. OK for Kids 9+

Youth Service AmericaIf your kids are service-minded and looking for a way to get involved, Youth Service America is a great resource. The international non-profit agency's Web site features information on over 200 organizations involved in issues such as poverty, hunger, and literacy. Enter your zip code and find volunteer opportunities in your immediate area. OK for Kids 13+

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