April Fools! Can you Spot the Fake Baby Names?

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Hey, did you hear the news? M.I.A., that singer who did the third-trimester cartwheels at the Grammy Awards? She named her baby Ickitt! Isn't that simply unbelievable?

Yes. Yes it is. In fact, it's so unbelievable that you shouldn't believe it.

One news outlet mis-reported little Ickitt, and the story spread like wildfire. But the media aren't the only ones drawn in by baby name tall tales. Be honest, now...haven't you ever repeated a story about an outrageous baby name without looking into the facts too closely?

Time to put those tales to the test. Here are five eye-popping name stories that have made the rounds in recent years. Which ones were real, and which made April Fools of us all?
1. In 2005, a couple in Bucharest, Romania named their son after the place they met and courted. Welcome, baby Yahoo!

2. A Mississippi mom gave her sports-loving husband free reign to name their new son. They welcomed little ESPN in 2006.

3. After election day 2008, a Colorado family gave their newborn son the middle name "Barack Obama" -- to go with his brother's middle name of "John Elway."

4. Myth-busting magician/comedian Penn Jillette named his first child Moxie CrimeFighter in 2005. He went with CrimeFighter because middle names are generally useless surplus, so why not?

5. In North Carolina, twin 16-year-old boys answer to the names Lemonjello and Oranjello. Their mother chose the names in gratitude to the only food that kept her going during months of morning sickness.

ANSWERS: 1. False. The fake story was uncovered after a week of global news headlines. 2. True. He's one of three young ESPNs across the country. 3. False. The dad sent announcements to the local press, which ran the story. The mom had to retract, saying "I'm so sorry. My husband's an idiot." 4. True, why not indeed? 5. False. No, don't try to tell me how your cousin really, truly met the 'Jello boys. The Name Lady wasn't born yesterday.

Have you heard any baby name whoppers? Share them here! And if you have a question to Ask the Name Lady, drop her a line!

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