Madonna Adoption Hearing Set For Today

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MadonnaAs you may have heard, the Material Mom wants to add to her family. Yesterday she traveled to Malawi, home country of her adopted son David, to try and score him a lil' sis. Madge is scheduled to appear in a local court today to, um, justify her love. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

So who's the lucky girl? E! Online reports that her name is Mercy James of the Mchinji Home of Hope orphanage, the same one where Madonna found David. David is accompanying Madge on her trip so that he can visit his dad.

Mercy's parents are deceased, although she does have two living grandparents. The British organization Save The Children has a problem with that. TMZ reports that they are upset because they feel that "Madonna's actions may unintentionally feed more interest into the criminal adoption industry in Malawi," and that adopting another child from the poor African country "may be sending the wrong message." The group's spokesperson Dominic Nutt told the BBC that they believe that "children should be cared for in their own environment by their own community, ideally by their own family, particularly their extended family."If Save The Children feels this way, why are they only speaking out now? Madonna isn't the only person ever to adopt a child with living relatives. Yes, this is a very high profile case, but the group's reasoning is a bit odd. To me, the more disturbing issue is that Madge may be circumventing Malawian laws a second time by using good old American dollars. Buying children or bullying your way through an adoption proceeding is wrong, isn't it?

Which brings us to the court hearing. Malawian law stipulates that non-residents must go through an 18-24 month waiting period before adopting a child. (BabiesOnline says that David Banda's adoption was "technically...not finalized" until recently.) But maybe local laws don't apply to insanely successful American pop stars who sell hundreds of millions of records and direct unwatchable feature films.

I should point out that I have no problem with Madonna. Consider the fact that her breakthrough album, "Like A Virgin," was released in 1984. That was 25 years ago. Since then she has stayed consistently relevant, selling millions of albums, producing and starring in movies, and generally making a spectacle of herself. Sure, some of those movies are unwatchable, especially the one she directed. (Did I already mention that? Oh right.) But how many singers can still sell music in the digital age? How many can fill stadiums after 25 years? And how many get this much press attention for everything they do? That said, though, the laws should apply to everyone. Even Madonna.

E! says that Madonna told a local Malawi newspaper that she would complete the adoption only with the "support of the Malawian people and government." Based on everything we've read, she doesn't really have that, but maybe she will by the end of the day.

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