Klean Kanteen BPA-Free Bottles - Ben and Jen Love Them!

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Kleen KanteenLike so many other concerned parents, you tossed your kids' Nalgene bottles when you heard about potentially dangerous BPA in the plastic. But now summer is coming, with its long hot days, and you're still scrambling for a replacement. Plastics with BPA are bad for your health, but disposable bottles are bad for the planet, and most of the safe options are just not all that cute.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have found a solution: They've bought Violet -- and themselves! -- Klean Kanteen water bottles, to tote their drinks safely and stylishly.

Klean Kanteen bottles are BPA free and are made of high quality, food-grade stainless steel, rather than plastic. This means that not only are they good for your kids, they're good for the environment as well. But for the people at Kleen Kanteen, that's not the whole story. Klean Kanteen is a company that is truly walking the eco-friendly walk: "Ensuring our office paper is 100% post-consumer content, providing hand and dish soaps that are fair trade and eco-friendly, using Energy Star-certified office equipment – these are just a few of our earth-in-mind internal operations choices."

Klean Kanteen bottles are available in a range of sizes, from a kid-friendly 12 ounce sippy cup ($17.95; pictured here) to an adults-only wine carafe ($20.95). Because no matter what you're toting, you should be able to carry it in safe and stylish bottle, just like Ben and Jen.

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