Mom Dances Topless to Pay Mortgage

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stripper shoesDesperate times call for desperate measures and many of us have had to make sacrifices in order to make ends meet these days. But what happens when cutting back doesn't cut it? When you've given up all you can and yet still can't pay the bills?

That's exactly the situation Bree, a married mother of two, found herself in when her in-home daycare business began to suffer due to the shrinking economy. She knew she needed to make more money, so she did what many moms are doing these days: She went looking for work outside the home. With bills to pay and mouths to feed, Bree began supplementing her income by working as a waitress in a strip club.

While the leap from babysitter to scantily-clad cocktail waitress is a big one, it wasn't big enough for Bree. After falling behind on her mortgage payment, she realized that the real money was being made by the topless dancers, not the waitstaff. So she put down her tray, took off her clothes, and began earning some extra dollars, one at at time.

Like many women who work in strip clubs, Bree sees the job as a means to an end. She plans to dance just until she can finish school and get a job as a nurse. "Me as a mom I have to stand up and do what I need to do to provide for my family," she says.

According to the manager of the club, Bree isn't unique. Real estate agents, teachers and professional women from all walks of life have been showing up looking to cash in on their good looks and sexy-dancing abilities. Of course, stripping isn't the only option women have for making some extra money, but considering the fact that Bree made nearly $700 on her very first night, it probably is the quickest option.

Most women have probably never even considered dancing topless for money, but I have. Back in the day, I was a young, single mother quite familiar with the desperation that comes from having too many expenses and not enough cash. I also happened to live in a city famous for its gentleman's clubs and was offered a job more than once. I was never tempted. Like Meatloaf said: I will do anything for love, but I won't do that.

I already know that no matter how difficult things are, I could never cast aside my modesty, my dignity and my shirt in order to make some fast money. Could you?

Could you strip to pay the bills?
Sure - it's easy money!2692 (34.5%)
Maybe, but I would have to be pretty desperate.2678 (34.3%)
Absolutely not.2435 (31.2%)

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