Twilight Movie Blamed for Boy's Biting Binge

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vampireAccording to a dad in Des Moines, vampires are to blame for his son's recent misbehavior. Specifically, he says his 13-year-old son went on a biting spree at his middle school because of the movie "Twilight". Yes, that's right. Dad says his boy didn't mean to hurt anyone, he just bit 11 students because he saw some actors in a movie do it.

For those who haven't seen it, the film is based on the series of novels by Stephenie Meyer. Popular with tweens and teens, the movie's plot centers around a beautiful high school girl who falls in love with a handsome boy who happens to be a vampire.

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The unidentified boy's bid to be the vampire of McCombs Middle School came to an abrupt end when he chomped on the hand of a 13-year-old girl at a track meet. She took her complaint to the principal, who discovered a trail of bite marks inflicted by the boy since mid February. Fortunately, none of the victims were rendered undead. The boy, however, was given a delayed referral to juvenile court on an assault charge.

Dad shifting the blame for his son's actions onto the "Twilight" movie irks me, but what really gets me is his insistence that his son didn't mean to hurt anyone. Of course he did! Even a 3-year-old knows that biting hurts. If this kid truly didn't realize that sinking his teeth into his classmates would cause them physical pain, then perhaps there is something more going on here than just a deluded vampire fantasy. At the very least, I'd say the boy isn't mature enough to be seeing a PG-13 movie.

What this kid did was wrong and he should take responsibility for it and be punished accordingly. But something tells me that with a father so willing to dismiss his behavior as harmless fun and games, we haven't heard the last from this family.

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