More Vasectomies During March Madness

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Don't bounce your balls too much during March Madness if you'd had a certain procedure...Ladies, take note: If, come March of next year, your man is suddenly more willing to discuss having his manhood snipped than he was before, he may have an ulterior motive.

March Madness.

It seems that doctors see an increase in vasectomies during the month of March. In fact, many physicians were totally booked up this year. While this seems like a coincidence, it's not. Think about it -- what other voluntary medical procedure requires a man to sit on the couch with ice on his, um, frank and beans? Just don't get too excited when Villanova beats Pitt in a nail-biter; you're not supposed to move around that much. On the plus side, you can probably quaff a few brewskis, since the pain usually isn't so bad that it requires prescription meds.I can see the ads now -- "Love college hoops? Done having kids? Well, why not get snipped this March and watch the Big Dance?" "Final Four? How about your final child? Give us a call!"

I'm joking, but this actually happened: The Oregon Urology Institute is actively marketing "tourney-timed vasectomies" with ads on local radio advising men to "lower their seed for the tournament," and offering dudes who get snipped "a free pizza and a free bag of frozen peas." And a clinic in Texas is running a promotion called "Vas Madness!"

Men, it's OK to feel an urge to hide your crotch right now. I know I am.

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