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school house rock earthAll tired out after a long week? Here are five lazy games you can play with your tot. Quality time without getting off the couch, can't beat it. -- LilSugar

Looking for a way to feel closer to your man? MomLogic has an idea ... spank him. No, really. Studies have found that spanking brings couples closer together.

Kid need to learn about more than adverbs and conjunctions these days. That's why "Schoolhouse Rock!" has added to their line of entertaining and educational videos. Behold, Schoolhouse Rock! Earth. -- Cool Mom Picks

Plus-sized and pregnant? Odds are in your favor that your pregnancy will be a healthy one. Extra weight can be a risk factor, though, so take some time to educate yourself today. -- Divine Caroline

For some families, co-sleeping is a cuddly and cozy bonding time. For others, it's a nightmare. If that sounds like you, learn how to get your kids back to their own bed so you can reclaim your beauty sleep. -- Parenting | Juice Box Jungle

Heading to Disney for spring break? Make the best use of your time together. Alpha Mom has 65 must see and do things at Disney.

Scott Wolf and wife Kelley are the proud new parents of a baby boy, born Sunday and named Jackson Kayse Wolf. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Lululemon has great yoga pants, but their advertising slogans need some work: "Children are the orgasm of life." -- Strollerderby

Easter's on it's way, time to pick out the world's cutest Easter dress. Check out seven days of Easter dresses on Droolicious.


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