Levi Johnston Says Sarah Palin Knew Bristol Was Having Sex

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This has my jaw on the floor: Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin's baby daddy and former fiancé, says that he and Bristol were allowed to share a bed in the Palin house when they were dating -- and, he says, he thinks that Governor Sarah Palin knew that the couple were having sex.

"I'm pretty sure she probably knew," Johnston told Tyra Banks in an interview that airs Monday. "Moms are pretty smart." Johnston also told Banks that he and Bristol Palin practiced safe sex "most of the time."

Which is different, of course, from practicing abstinence all of the time.

Palin Family Album

    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband Todd have five children with short, masculine and certainly unique names: Track, 19, Bristol, 18, (with Levi Johnston), Willow, 14, Piper, 7, and Trig, 8 months (not pictured). Read More

    Fredy Perojo, AOL

    "We both love each other," Levi Johnston, 18, told the AP in a rare interview about his relationship with 18-year-old Bristol Palin. "We both want to marry each other. And that's what we are going to do."

    Paul Sancya, AP

    Levi Johnston called himself a "redneck' on his MySpace page.

    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

    Sarah Palin initially hid her pregnancy with Trig from the public, causing rumors that Trig was her grandson via Bristol.

    Win McNamee, Getty Images

    Gov. Sarah Palin, her husband Todd, and daughters Bristol,16, right, and Piper, 5, at the end of a 2006 inauguration ceremony in Fairbanks. Palin, 42, is the first female and youngest governor of Alaska.

    Al Grillo, AP

    "Trig is beautiful and already adored by us," read a statement by the Palin when Trig was born on April 18. "We knew through early testing he would face special challenges, and we feel privileged that God would entrust us with this gift and allow us unspeakable joy as he entered our lives. We have faith that every baby is created for good purpose and has potential to make this world a better place. We are truly blessed."

    Paul J. Richards, AFP / Getty Images

    "Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned," the Palins's statement said when they announced her pregnancy. "As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows that she has our unconditional love and support."

    Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images

    Chuck Heath, 70, (pictured with wife Sally), Sarah Palin's father, said gift boxes for his newest grandson are piling up in the governor's mail room from all over the world. There's no way the family will ever be able to answer every letter, he said, although they are trying.

    Charlie Neibergall, AP

    Then-Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, her daughters, Piper, Willow, and husband Todd walk out onto the ice to drop the ceremonial first puck before a St. Louis Blues and Los Angeles Kings hockey game.

    Whitney Curtis, Getty Images

    Sherry Johnston, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston's other grandma -- besides Sarah Palin -- pled not guilty for charges of selling OxyContin. "I was in pain, and I'm still in pain," she told People.com.

    Al Grillo, AP

I'm having a hard time reconciling all the pieces here. Governor Palin is a vocal advocate of abstinence-only sex education, but she let her teen age daughter share a room with her boyfriend. And while we only have Johnston's word that the Governor knew the kids were having sex, I would have to say that he's probably right -- moms are smart, especially moms of girls, especially about stuff like this. In fact, when smart moms want our kids to be abstinent, we do things like, oh, I don't know, say no when a boyfriend wants to sleep over and share a bed with our daughter.

But that's not all.

I also find myself wondering why on earth Levi Johnston thought it was a good idea to spill the beans about this whole sleepover thing on "The Tyra Banks Show" -- does he think this will win Bristol back, or make her family like him more? He told "Good Morning America" that he and Bristol called off their engagement because "it's just us not, me not being mature enough, or something, and having a kid." I agree -- he's not mature enough to be making decisions about sex, clearly. And also possibly about what to say to the media.

I feel for Bristol and Levi; they've got a hard road ahead of them, both as young parents and as media magnets, and clearly they haven't been getting very good guidance from the adults in their lives. It's our job as parents to help our teens mature into responsible people, and sometimes that means saying no -- to sex and to interviews.

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