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man typingWe all know the Internet is chock full of helpful advice. One dad even used it to learn how to deliver his own baby when his wife went into labor. Can you imagine his Google search? "Wife in labor ... halp!" -- CafeMom

Iowa's Supreme Court upholds gay marriage, making the the third state in the country to do so and the first from the heartland. Will this decision have an impact on other states' laws regarding same sex marriage? -- Mother Talkers

Today's technology, says author Dalton Conley, makes all of our children middle children. Only they aren't competing with sisters and brothers, they're competing with their parent's work. Does your cell phone/Blackberry/laptop pull you away from family time? -- Motherlode

Baby has a dirty diaper and you're out in public without a clean one. One desperate mom -- stuck in an airplane restroom -- resorted to paper towels, a short-term solution at best. What would you do in a diaper emergency? -- LilSugar

There are two ways to handle a messy bedroom: 1) Make them clean it up, or 2) Shut the door. How do you handle messy rooms? Do you think it's an opportunity to teach neatness, or is it better parenting to just let it be? -- Work It, Mom!

Her sixth grade son found her "special toy," and what's worse ... he's really angry at her about it. How would you handle explaining this one to your kids? -- MomLogic

Last chance for cute Easter crafts: These cute fuzzy paper chicks are too adorable to deny. -- Alpha Mom

Jealous of baby, before she's even born? One mom shares her honest fears as she waits for her daughter to arrive. -- Babble

New dads: That first sonogram can look a little strange -- one dad says his son looked like a crab. Know what to expect when you see your baby on that little black and white screen the very first time. -- The Cradle


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