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child in bathCo-bathing with your kid: When does it become inappropriate? The advice seems to be that it's time to stop when either one of you feel weird about it. -- MomLogic

Parents have the Snuggie, now babies have their own version of the wearable blanket ... the Babyseal. So cute. -- The Daily What

Having trouble getting your kids or spouse to help around the house? Maybe you need to "ditch the perfect." Perfection isn't the goal, a functional household is. -- Mommy Track'd

Charlie Sheen's newborn son Max has been in the hospital because he's not been gaining weight. But the tot's expected to hit his weight requirement soon, and will be allowed to go home with his family. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Think Coraline is too scary for your kiddo? Think again. Scary stories just might be psychologically good for kids, a safe place where they can experiment with strange emotions. -- Babble

Finding a baby name can be surprisingly hard. Here's an idea: Look to literature for classic names. Find more inspiration with these eight sources for baby names. -- LilSugar

Wondering what the post-partum period will be like? It's really hard to tell, Amy says, because everyone's experience is unique. The important thing to remember is that your experience -- weird or strange as it might be -- is probably normal. -- Alpha Mom

Do you feel closer to one of your children or challenged by another? Maybe it's written in the stars. Find out how you and your child or partner relate based on your astrological signs ... you can even compare siblings! -- BabyCenter

Playmobil's known for their unique playsets that encourage creative play. But when a German man got creative using them to reenact the Bible, Playmobil sued. -- Strollerderby

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