What's Your Dirty Little Mom Secret?

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secretHow long has it been since you had a shower? A haircut? Sex???

No matter what you said, no matter how long it's been, you're not alone. Trust us.

This week Oprah has moms buzzing: On Monday, she invited a group of moms on her show to spill the beans about the Dirty Little Secrets of motherhood. And spill they did, with confessions about skipping kid baths for weeks on end and serving pizza for breakfast three days running and hating their husbands for getting them into this. Project Runway finalist and Daily Beast columnist Laura Bennett acknowledged that she has a favorite child; blogger Heather Armstrong admitted that motherhood left her wondering, "What the hell did I do to my life?"

And while many of the confessions were hilariously funny (like the mom who peed into a diaper while driving cross country, rather than stop when the kids were sleeping), all of the women on the show agreed that being a parent sometimes left them feeling isolated and frustrated and lonely.

Being the mommy can often feel like being a contestant on "Survivor": You do what you have to do to get off the island alive. To make it worse, we treat motherhood like a competition, measuring ourselves against each other to see who can be the best mommy, the mommy with the cleanest house and the cutest kids and the cheeriest smile. But the real secret is that we're all cutting corners in some way, because none of us is perfect; sharing our secrets is a way to get past the competition and start supporting each other.

So what's your dirty little mom secret? What, in your moments of Mommy Desperation, have you done to make it through the day? Passed bakery cupcakes off as homemade? Suggested a game of hide-and-seek so you can nap in a closet? Feigned sick to get someone else to take the baby? Let's hear it.

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