Obama Girls Get Their Dog

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So what was in your Easter basket? Jelly beans, perhaps? Peeps? (I like Peeps.) A chocolate bunny or four?

How about a puppy?

Sasha and Malia got their very own Easter Beagle yesterday – well, Easter Portuguese Water Dog. Close enough. They named him Bo, after Michelle Obama's father, whose nickname was Diddley. As in Bo Diddley. Frankly, I'm impressed that the kids know who Bo Diddley is. (OK, mom probably told them, but at least the girls are aware of music other than The Jonas Brothers.)

The New York Daily News quotes the breeder, Art Stern, as saying that Bo has a "very good temperament for a family with a lot of hustle and bustle and activity...He's easygoing, adaptable, loves everybody." (Yes, but does he pay his taxes? That's what the nation really wants to know.)

Malia and Sasha Obama

    Your Kids Can Hang Out With Sasha and Malia (Kind of)
    Just days after the inauguration, the makers of Beanie Babies introduced "Sweet Sasha" and "Marvelous Malia." Now they're valued at over $3,000 for the pair.

    Getty Images

    Sasha Obama runs down the colonnade as she returns from a February 2009 weekend visit to Chicago with her father, President Barack Obama, to the White House.

    Jonathan Ernst, Reuters

    Sasha Obama back in DC after a weekend visit to Chicago.

    Nicholas Kamm, AFP/Getty

    US President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, daughters Malia and Sasha, and mother-in-law Marian Robinson walk across the tarmac to board Air Force One at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. Obama and his family were returning to Washington after spending the weekend in Chicago.

    Mandel Ngan, AFP/Getty

    The First Family walks down the stairs from Air Force One upon they arrival at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on February 2009.

    Jose Luis Magana, AP

    Malia, Sasha and the Luckiest Friend Ever Return From Camp David
    The Obamas recently jaunted off to Camp David in Marine One, the president's swanky chopper. The girls and an unidentified friend are pictured here after landing on the South Lawn of the White House.

    Getty Images

    Sasha and Dad Take in a Show
    President Obama took a night off from running the nation to hang out with the fam and watch the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater perform at the Kennedy Center.

    Getty Images

    Sasha Obama Takes Her Ugly Doll to School
    The newest Obama trend, courtesy of Sasha, 7, is an Ugly Doll by the name of Babo's Bird. Photographed with the stuffed toy on her backpack, Sassy Sasha sure is trés-cool for school.

    Callie Shell, HO/Change.gov

    Malia and Sasha's Excellent Adventure
    Malia, 10 (right) and Sasha, 7, wave to the crowd at the 2008 election night rally in Chicago. Politics are child's play to these sweethearts, and we can't wait to see them come into their own.

    Jae C. Hong, AP

    Sasha and Malia, kissing her mother Michelle, get ready for the first day of school in Washington, DC, as President-elect looks on. The Obama family are staying at the Hay Adams Hotel prior to their move into the White House.

    Callie Shell, HO / Change.gov

My question is whether or not the girls will have to walk and train the 6-month-old Bo. The Daily News, quoting the Washington Post, says that "Sasha was excited while Malia focused on all the 'responsibility issues' - how Bo will be trained and cared for." Which is all very nice. But when the dog gets there, anyone who has ever owned a pooch knows that those "responsibility issues" can be very tiring. We've heard a lot about how Michelle wants the girls to do chores, and she even informed the White House staff that her little ones "don't need their lives to be easy. They're kids." But will that strictness apply to the dog?

What do you think? Will the First Kids still be taking care of Bo a year from now? Or will those duties be handed off to Timothy Geithner?

Will the First Daughters have to take care of their dog?
Yes225 (66.0%)
No116 (34.0%)

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