Those Dreamy Jonas Brothers Names

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If I had three boys I would name them after the Jonas Brothers! Is that wrong? I love those
names and what they mean, even their last name, Jonas.


If you're wrong, you're certainly not alone. In fact, I can almost hear the voices of other young readers shouting "Hands off, those names are mine!"

Truly, there's nothing "wrong" about naming a baby after someone you admire, whether that person is your Grandma Rose, the president of the United States, or all three of the Jonas brothers. As long as beautiful men and women shine on the silver screen, as long as writers spin stories of adventurous heroes and heroines, as long as singers and dancers wow us with their talents, parents will look to the famous and exceptional when it comes time to name the stars of their own lives, their new babies. That's human nature. But let's take a closer look at the JoBro names in particular.

The teen sensation who helped put the Jonas Brothers on the map, Miley Cyrus, has already spawned a mini-craze for her own invented name. But the Jonas names are of a different stripe. For those of legal drinking age who might have missed the phenomemon, the boys are Kevin, Nick, and Joe. That's not Hollywood Wacky, it's All-American Boy.

It's doubtful that random strangers would even realize three boys with those names were named after famous singers-unless we're choosing our strangers from the crowd at a Jonas Brothers concert. Grownups, would you roll your eyes at a set of adult brothers named George, Paul and John? It takes a Ringo to push the theme over the edge.

So the Name Lady doesn't see anything wrong with your naming dreams, with one caveat. I'm going to take a wild guess based on your note that you're in the Jonas Brothers' target demographic. I'm crossing my fingers, therefore, that these name choices are hypothetical. (Heaven knows, there's nothing wrong with contemplating baby names from an early age. How do you think the Name Lady started out in this business?) But even if you were ready today, three sons take a long, long time to produce. By the time the third boy came along, the JoBros might well be the "JoWho?"...even for you. So don't start composing a matched set unless you love each name on its own merits.

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