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The Tooth Fairy's gone scientific: The Radiation and Public Health Project has created the Tooth Fairy Project to study levels of radiation across the country. Simply send them your little one's tooth, and they'll do the rest. -- LilSugar

Kelly Ripa has an new, eco-friendly washing machine named after her, and you could win it! Find out how. -- RoleMommy

The Duggars are expecting their first grandbaby, while mom Michelle admits she'd like another baby, too. Learn more about the Quiverfull movement and why procreating is so important to this famous family. -- MomLogic

Moms crave adult interaction ... think you could be addicted to the Internet? Here are some reasons why it's the new playground for parents and how to get help. -- CafeMom

And on that same note: Email, texting, social networking -- our lives are becoming increasingly virtual. But is life online as satisfying as the real thing? What do you think? -- Divine Caroline

Are you going the old-fashioned route and waiting to find out the sex of your baby? Here are some old wives' tales to keep you guessing while you wait. -- Parenting

Is your teen planning on a summer job to earn some extra cash? Then break this to them gently: Due to the recession, teens are going to have a harder time than ever finding a job. -- Motherlode

Bear Grylls on his latest adventure, helping his wife deliver their son, Huckleberry Edward, on their houseboat: "Girls are so great in a big crisis. I've seen it in the mountains, too. Men are all great when it's quite comfy and there's lots of bravado, but when the sh-t really hits the fan, it's the women who often come through." -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Breastfeeding gets easier, but a lot of moms have a bumpy start. Here's 10 things one mom wished she would have known going in. -- AlphaMom

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