ParentDish a Webby Awards Honoree

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webbyThe Webby Awards are the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, and the team here at ParentDish is proud to announce that we've been recognized as an Official Honoree in the Family and Parenting category.

Traditionally, Webby Award winners are only allowed a five word acceptance speech, so here's ours. It's riffed, of course, off typical parent-speak:

Someday, you will thank me.*

But today, ParentDish readers, we thank you. We thank you for reading, for commenting, for lively discussions, and for stopping by every day. We promise to keep on doing what we do best, offering you fresh, funny, honest commentary on the latest in parenting news, issues, and advice.

*(Official Acceptance Speech Honorees include: It's for your own good; Because I am the mom; and Please don't touch the poop. Share your favorite parent line with us in comments!)


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