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Recycling is a great chore to delegate to kids, and even toddlers can get in on the act. Kids Recycling Zone is a fun website that helps kids sort out the ins and outs of recycling and teaches kids about what happens to recycled goods after they leave the house. -- Green Daily

All those art projects that are cluttering your kitchen table just might help in saving the world. Enter your kids' art in the Annual Kids' Earth Day Auction, where all proceeds go to The Nature Conservancy. -- PBS Supersisters

Who says learning only has to happen at school? These six Earth Day activities for teachers would be fun family activities too. -- Huffington Post

Too rainy to get out and clean up your favorite park or trail? Post-pone it until tomorrow and teach kids more about environmentalism on one of these educational websites. --

One time use plastic bottles are an eco no-no, but these plastic bottles are reusable, BPA-free and collapse to fit right in your purse. -- Mom Finds

Everyone has a drawer or box full of t-shirts that nobody wears. Cut them up and use them for this cool, upcycling weaving project. -- Alpha Mom

Speaking of crafts, here are 10 cute crafts made from recycled materials ... a great way to celebrate Earth Day. -- Family Fun

Think you're doing all you can to help the environment? Here are 50 tips to be even greener ... see if you can try one or two more things you aren't already doing. -- Divine Caroline

Too busy for activism? Here are four pressing environmental issues to focus your energy on. --

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