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pregnant bellyWe all know how babies are made, but this video describes it all in graphic detail. (I promise, it's suitable for work.) -- Boing Boing

Today is Earth Day! Looking for a last minute craft to do with your little environmentalist? BabyCenter's got 'em.

Dave Grohl's a daddy ... again! The rocker and his wife Jordyn welcomed daughter Harper Willow Grohl last Friday. She joins sister Violet May, 3. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Ever wonder what life is like in the NICU? Flotsam's Alexa Stevenson shares her experience with Alpha Mom, complete with tips for parents, friends and family members.

Here's a little guy with some entrepreneurial spirit: A four-year-old stains his dad's shirt, so he "invents" his own stain remover. -- Strollerderby

Parenting isn't always fashionable, as Risa Green recently realized. There comes a point in time when you have to choose: Enjoy your kids or worry about what everyone else thinks. When did that moment come for you? -- Mommy Track'd

Dr. Laura is at it again, this time trying to fan the flame of the Mommy Wars. But we're not biting. Here's some wisdom from Work It, Mom's Traci Feit Love: No mom can be all things, so why not be proud of what we can provide ... no matter what shape that takes?

Can't get enough of real housewife Alex McCord? Check out LilSugar's latest interview.

Author Michael Gurian has a solution to your teen's video game addiction: Make him get a job. "Boys are playing hours of video games. They're not working; they're not doing their homework. They're just listless. Boys keep asking every day, what's the purpose of boys? Our culture seems to be saying, I'm not sure." -- U.S. News | On Parenting


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