Disney Princesses Pose as Cover Girls

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arielWhen it comes to Disney Princesses, I've got an "if you can't beat 'em, join em" attitude. And it's really hard to beat 'em when you've got two small girls in the house. But as much as I've come to accept sharing my home with Princess Aurora and her buddies, I also have my guard up. I know that Disney is a company that's more than happy to take things a little too far.

Case in point: "Princess Style" magazines. Okay, so they aren't real magazines. They're actually wall decorations, presumably for a young girl's room. If Ariel's impossibly tiny waist and come hither look aren't painful enough, check out the headlines:

  • Great Legs Are a Dream That Can Come True
  • What Your Guy Friends Say About You
  • Two's Company, Eight's a Crowd
  • Find Your Prince: 5 Tips to Show You How

These are, obviously, supposed to be parody, but Disney's target audience is too young to understand sarcasm and satire. My six-year-old is old enough to read them, though. Isn't it a little early to start suggesting to her that her legs aren't perfect? That she needs to worry about finding her "prince" or what boys are thinking about her? (Yes, it's way too early.) And don't get me started on the "eight's a crowd" thing. Sex, body issues, mean girls ... it's all there.

And as Lisa at Sociological Images points out, these "magazines" also bring girls -- ready or not -- right into the celebrity culture: "The product suggests that while it is all well and good to be a princess, you should aim to be a famous princess," writes Lisa, "In addition to occupying castles and fantasy forests, you should grace the covers of magazines. You should aspire to inspire the lust and admiration of the masses, not just your prince."

Fortunately, shoppers seemed to feel the same way that I do about princess cover girls. Not only do these particular pieces have clearance stickers on them, I couldn't find them anywhere on the Internet. Still, it's a good reminder that just because something has a kid-friendly character on it doesn't make it safe or appropriate for kids.

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