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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting! Photo by Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

It's twins in the city for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick! The NYC power couple and son, James Wilkie, will welcome twin daughters this summer via a surrogate. -- People

Pregnant women are smug? LilSugar thinks that this video is funny because it's also a little true. Does pregnancy make us forget that we're not the only people in the world who have ever had a baby?

It's never too early to start thinking about Mother's Day (or to leave subtle hints lying around so that your husband will get the kids going on something, at least). Alpha Mom has some cute craft ideas.

Mexican kids are getting a lesson in personal hygiene via "Sesame Street," or "Plaza Sesamo" as it's called there. The children's show is running PSAs on how to avoid spreading the swine flu. -- Strollerderby

Splish-splash, babies taking a bath ... and getting Mom or Dad all wet. Keep your clothes dry at bath time and keep your grip on that slippery baby with the Stay Dry Bath Apron and Towel. -- MomFinds

Tired of bribing your kids to do everything from emptying the garbage to brushing their teeth? There is a better way, really. Instead of offering rewards, make everyday routines automatic. Presto! Family bliss. -- Half Full

Remember that time your husband got you a vacuum cleaner (that you didn't ask for or want) for Mother's Day? Share your story at Work It, Mom! and win a $25 gift certificate. So you can go buy your own gift.

"Babar the Elephant" is a children's classic, but you might not ever look at it the same way again after reading Stefanie Wilder-Taylor's hilarious interpretation of it! -- Mommy Track'd

Bullies on the playground are just bored? Maybe. When Learning Through Landscapes created a new, user-friendly, natural playground, bullying dropped by 64 percent. -- Divine Caroline

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