Share Your Mother's Day Horror Stories!

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woman knitting in snuggie

Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like a Snuggie -- unless it's a half-pound bag of strawberry Twizzlers. Photo by p2squared on Flickr.

Looking forward to Mother's Day was one of the best parts of being pregnant -- a day just to honor me! And cripes, didn't I deserve it? After all, I'm the one who had her abdomen sliced open by the butcher, er, I mean the obstetrician.

My first Mother's Day I spent all alone with my 5-month old daughter while my husband waited out cancer surgery with his dad 300 miles away. Then, the next, my husband scolded me for leaving the hose on the lawn and killing the grass, resulting in a HUGE blow-out. Oh, the fun!

I know I'm not alone; just ask MY mom, who endured countless Mother's Days filled with gifts made by three kids with limited artistic skills. So what's YOUR best Mother's Day horror story? ParentDish wants to know. C'mon, don't be shy. We know you're out there. Did you get a Snuggie last year? A blender? Or, like one of my friends, a half-pound bag of red Twizzlers and a trip to the in-laws?

Leave us a comment or send us an email to team AT parentdish DOT com, and tell us about the worst Mother's Day you ever had. We'll share your stories here to celebrate ourselves -- because admit it, motherhood is hilariously funny, even when it's horrible.

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