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Sentimental and one-of-a-kind, personalized jewelry is always makes a great Mother's Day gift. Celebrity Baby Blog has some cute and trendy choices.

Daughters and sons look up to their moms, and with these Mommy and Me gifts, they can look like their moms too. -- Droolicious

Expecting moms - get the inside scoop on what labor is really like ... on Twitter. Mommyblogger76, otherwise known as Melissa Skabich of Fits and Giggles, is twittering her labor.

Moms treasure handmade gifts from their favorite kids. Here's a sweet-smelling simple craft from Alpha Mom, handprint lavender sachets.

Give Mom what she really needs -- some help around the house. These adorable house helper cards are just right for spring, and each time Mom "picks" a flower, someone does a household chore. -- Family Fun

Still more crafty goodness: A photo house card so Mom can gaze lovingly on her favorite people, a handmade beauty mask for relaxation, homemade knitting needles and a kid-authored "You and Me" book. -- Family Fun

Got a mom who'd rather give than receive? Give her a gift certificate to Kiva. She can spend the money helping other moms create better lives for themselves and their families.

Give your mom the gift of good health on Mother's Day by taking her for a walk. Even one session of exercise has been shown to improve circulation and mood. -- CafeMom

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