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Despite the recession, teens still have plenty of money for prom. Photo courtesy of

Celeb mom Jenny McCarthy -- her son Evan, is now 6 -- is partnering with Oprah to start her own talk show. -- Celebrity Baby Scoop

We might be in a recession, but the kids don't know it yet. Prom dress and tux sales are up this spring. -- New York Times

Are you a recovering helicopter parent? Test your resolve to quit hovering with one of these simple challenges from famous free-range mom, Lenore Skenazy. -- Whoa, Momma!

Even if you're aiming for a drug-free delivery, it's a good idea to know what your options are. LilSugar's got the scoop on pain medications mom can use during labor and delivery.

Peanut butter as a hiccup cure? I had no idea. (Go ahead and try this at home, but not with kids under 3.) -- Baby Toolkit

Tired of taking the pickles and onions off your kiddo's fast food burger? Just be grateful it wasn't a condom. Girl finds a condom in her Happy Meal. -- Strollerderby

Parents care about their kids diet, but is teaching healthy habits enough? Find out why the food we serve our kids today just isn't as nutritious as it used to be. -- AlphaMom

Here's an easy way to give back: Pens of Hope. Their goal is 5,000 pens by Mother's Day, so you've still got a chance to send your own pens (and hope!) along. -- Kindness Girl

Sign that your life has gotten too hectic -- you're too busy to read your kiddo a book at bedtime. And according to one study, 75 percent of British parents are too busy. Sad. -- Work It, Mom!

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