Third Grader Expelled Over Hit List

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Should a child be expelled for making a hit list? Photo: Nicole Holte,

An elementary school boy is in hot water after wishing harm upon his classmates and a teacher. Actually, he did a little more than wish for harm -- he made a list of those in his school he personally wanted to kill. The third grader's hit list included several classmates and a teacher and was found in the boy's desk at Immanuel Lutheran School in Hamilton, Ohio.

The principal of the school, Michael Mayo, says that despite the fact that he does not believe the boy to be dangerous, he had no choice but to permanently remove him from the small private school.

"We never believed for a second that people were truly in danger," says school principal Michael Mayo. "But this sort of thing in this day and age, you just can't do that. It will never be acceptable."

The boy is described as "troubled" and Mayo says he has received counseling in the past. "We still care for this person and we are in constant prayer, for that person now," says Mayo.

Police are investigating the incident but no charges have been filed.

Do you think the school overreacted by expelling the boy despite the fact they don't feel he is a threat to anyone? Or is this the wake up call his parents need to get their son some help?

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