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Your favorite celebrity mom Jennifer Garner with her daughter Violet. Photo: Bauer-Griffin

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked you to weigh in on your favorite celeb mommies, tell us who you think are the worst parents out there and share some of your favorite Mother's Day traditions. We received over 10,000 votes! Here's what you thought:

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi were the celebs you'd trust your kids with most. And surprisingly the winner of this round of Jennifer vs. Brangelina goes to Aniston. You'd rather have Jen take care of your little ones than the parents of six.

Which celebrity would you most feel comfortable leaving your kids with?

Ellen and Portia 31%

Jennifer Aniston 22%

Rachel Ray 20%

Angelina and Brad 18%

Oprah Winfrey 9%

Down-to-earth Jennifer Garner was your pick for celeb best mom. Tied for second place were Reese Witherspoon and First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Which star is the best mom?

Jennifer Garner 37%

Reese Witherspoon 26%

Michelle Obama 26%

Gwen Stefani 6%

Angelina Jolie 4%

Party-loving moms Courtney Love and Dina Lohan topped your list of the worst celebrity mothers.

Who is the worst celebrity mom?

Courtney Love 32%

Dina Lohan 32%

Britney Spears 27%

Sarah Palin 6%

Kate Moss 3%

There are many iconic TV moms, but the one you felt was most like your own was Clair Huxtable.

Which TV mom is most like your real life mom?

Clair Huxtable 39%

Roseanne 27%

Marge Simpson 19%

Bree Van DeKamp 8%

Peg Bundy 7%

First time mom-to-be Sarah Michelle Gellar is the star whose bump you're most excited about.

Which expecting celeb mom are you most excited for?

Sarah Michelle Gellar 56%

Nicole Richie 17%

Elizabeth Hasselbeck 16%

Cat Cora 7%

Idina Menzel 4%

You said Jada Pinkette Smith was the best stepmom in Hollywood to husband Will Smith's son Trey.

Who is the best celeb stepmom?

Jada Pinkette Smith 70%

Katie Holmes 16%

Justine Simmons 7%

Gisele Bundchen 4%

Brooke Sheen 3%

The money-saving solution most of you are opting for this Mother's Day is celebrating at home.

Has the economy impacted your Mother's Day plans?

We're having a nice dinner in 57%

We're going out for dinner 29%

We've canceled our plans 14%

Quality time with your family topped your Mother's Day most-wanted list.

What's your most desired Mother's Day gift?

Time with my family 63%

Quiet time 25%

Flowers 10%

Chocolate 3%

Hanging out with your loved ones is also your favorite part of the day.

What's the best part about Mother's Day?

Spending time with my family 58%

Mother's Day is just as stressful as any other day 17%

Being pampered 11%

Everyone is on their best behavior 11%

Receiving presents 2%

Apparently, the way to your mom's heart is through her stomach. Most of you said you'll celebrate your mother with a meal.

What do you plan to do for you mom this Mother's Day?

Take her out/have her over for a meal 34%

Send her a card and call her on the day 27%

Buy her a present 25%

Send flowers 11%

Take her to the spa 3%

Really? Almost as many of you would choose a relaxing day at home as a vacation to a tropical island as a Mother's Day present.

What would be your dream Mother's Day present?

A surprise family vacation to Disney World 37%

A surprise island getaway 29%

A surprise trip to Las Vegas 8%

A nice relaxing day at home 26%

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