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Kids fight, it's normal. So why did this mom get her own revenge on Craigslist? Photo courtesy of Marja Flick-Buijs/

Expecting, knocked up, a bun in the oven -- Mom-to-be Teresa Strasser can't seem to find the right phrase to describe her condition. But she's sure about one thing: Pregnancy is great fodder for her blog. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Call it helicopter parenting gone wrong. Way wrong. A mom gets revenge on her daughter's friend by placing a personal ad with her name and phone number on Craigslist. The girl was nine. -- Strollerderby

Just how superstitious are you? Ripley's Believe It or Not claims these fertility statues have helped 2,000 women get pregnant. -- MomLogic

Do you make a hobby out of posting your kids' pictures on Facebook? Then you'll love these t-shirts from Uncommonly Cute: Famous on Facebook. -- LilSugar

John Stossol thinks pregnant women don't deserve legal protection in the workplace. Feel free to share your thoughts about that one in comments. -- Jezebel

Just a reminder before you mail anything today: Stamps now cost two cents more. -- Whoa, Mama!

Really? Experts say bottles don't need to be sterilized anymore, not even before first use. Will you stop boiling your bottles? -- Parenting

Busy parents know, TV can be your friend. But limiting what tots watch is just as important as how much they watch. Get tips on making smart TV choices for your family. -- BabyCenter

Mommy bloggers: Ever worry your tiny tot might not like you blogging about them when they're older? A tween shares her thoughts on her own mom's blog. -- Babble


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