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For some girls, Barbie's just a science experiment. Image: Brani's Fashion Dolls on Flickr

Partridge family mom Shirley Jones is thinking of posing for Playboy. At 75. If she's looking to get noticed, that'll do it. -- MomLogic

It's all fun and games until the Barbie gets hurt. A study shows that Barbie abuse is common among girls age 7 to 11. -- CafeMom

Childhood obesity clue: Kids today eat about 350 more calories than they did in the 70s -- the equivalent of an order of fries and a diet soda. -- On Parenting

Aw, Mom! We've all had those moments when Mom embarrasses us to the point of wanting to disappear. Over at LilSugar, they call them "Mom-ents."

Tori Amos in a frank interview with Babble: "....The universe never deals you a problem you can't handle. If it's on your plate then it's your time to learn this at Earth school."

You've just arrived home from the hospital and there they are -- visitors arriving to see the baybee. When it comes to postpartum visitors, how much is too much? -- Alpha Mom

It's that time of year again ... you know, the time when you don't have to hunt down matching socks in the dryer every morning. Try a pair of these cute summer sandals instead. -- MomFinds

Maternity leave is over, time to get back to work. One mom shares 10 things she learned her first week back on the job. -- The Motherhood


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