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What happens when the family bed doesn't work for every member of the family? Photo courtesy of Kelly Sue on Flickr.

Is your baby literally coming between you and your husband? How do you deal when Mom wants to co-sleep but Dad doesn't? -- Motherlode

Poll: 88 percent of parents feel relieved when their kids fall asleep. Huh. I would have put that number a little higher. But what happens when those sleeping children come to visit in the wee hours of the night? -- Juice Box Jungle

Then again, maybe it's not the kids waking you up. Trouble sleeping can make your stress level spike, so get your rest by using these sleep tips. -- Lemondrop

Maya Rudolph, who's four months pregnant, and Dave Letterman talk pregnancy weight. Dave laughs a little too long when Maya admits to a 70 pound weight gain her first time around. -- Jezebel

Diaries, journals, MySpace pages ... when is it okay to look and when is it just snooping? -- On Parenting

Kate Gosselin's brother says that Jon and Kate's marriage is over. Then again, it's hard to trust a family member who's so willing to talk to the press. What do you think about these rumors? -- RadarOnline

I might delay sandal season a few more weeks, just for an excuse to put my kids in a pair of these cute knee-highs. -- Cool Mom Picks

One job that's sure to be recession proof: Motherhood. Another silver lining: There's never a cut in pay. -- Divine Caroline

Today's biggest Internet stars often aren't celebs, they're children. Here's how three families handled their children's fame after their home videos went viral. -- Babble


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