My First Child's Name is Perfect - Now What?

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I recently had a baby and named him Calder. We love the name but have been having a hard time thinking of names that we could use for his future siblings. Other names we considered for him are Magnus (nn. Gus), Camden and if he was a girl Ainsley, Penelope or Amelie. None of these seem to go as well as I expected now that we actually have a son named Calder. Can you suggest sibling names?

- Calder's Mom

So, Calder just seems to have something "extra"? A lot of parents feel that way about their first-born's name. In this case, though, I think you're on to something. Here's one way to think about it: What makes Calder so different from other surname-based names like Carter or Parker? And here's one answer: Art.

Alexander Calder was a tremendously innovative 20th-century artist, best known as the inventor of the mobile. His aura surrounds the name. (It's no coincidence that a hero of the art-focused kids' book "Chasing Vermeer" is named Calder.) But unlike, say, Rembrandt, the name Calder doesn't come across as a fancy-pants homage to the artist. It's simple and stylish, and fits in just fine with a class full of Carters and Parkers.

Our target, then, is an artistic name with a mainstream sound. That's harder than you'd think. When it comes to artist names, Rembrandt is a lot more typical than Calder. If we broaden the field to literature, though, our prospects look brighter. Here are some possibilities. Readers, can you suggest more?











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