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Gavin Rossdale takes Kingston on tour. Photo: Getty Images.

Newly pregnant, you might be wondering what those dark spots are on your face. It's called chloasma, or mask of pregnancy. Read about more ways your skin may change at Poked and Prodded. -- Fit Pregnancy

EA Sports Active -- Is it the new workout for busy moms? Whoa, Momma! says sure, it's pretty fun. But it doesn't beat a run or a fitness class.

When loving a child isn't enough: How do the courts decide when loving parents have become neglectful of their sick child's needs? -- Newsweek

Just in case you're way ahead of the game, here are some gift ideas to get started on for Father's Day. -- Alpha Mom

Kingston Rossdale's on the road, on tour with his dad Gavin Rossdale. "For anyone who has kids, you bring them along in your life and they adapt to where you're at. You keep them fed and rested and pay lots of attention to them and they're fine," says Rossdale.

Do your kids love your babysitter, and does she tell them she loves them right back? One mom wonders if it's okay for kids to "love" people who aren't their parents. -- Strollerderby

Were you like the rest of us and glued to the Jon and Kate Plus 8 season premiere on Monday? Mommy Track'd and Babble both have thoughtful pieces on the show, including reasons why we all should quit watching.

Need help with your summer wardrobe? The Working Closet at Work It, Mom! is holding a Shorts 101 class right now. Go check it out.


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