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Who's the best daddy in all of Hollywood? Which famous father is hands-down the worst? Tell us what you think in our poll, and share how you plan to spend the day that's all about dads.

Fathers Day Poll

    Who is the sexiest celebrity dad?


    Who is the cutest daddy-daughter duo?

    Fame Pictures

    Who is the best celebrity dad?


    Who is the best celeb stepdad?

    Jeff Vespa, WireImage

    Who is the creepiest famous father?

    John Parra, WireImage

    Which celeb has fatherhood changed the most?


    Who is worst famous father?

    Soul Brother, FilmMagic

    Which television dad is most like your real dad?

    Bill Cosby The Cosby Show. Photo: NBC

    How much do you plan to spend on your dad's Father's Day Gift?


    Has the recession made you change your Father's Day plans?

    Getty Images

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