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Here is your weekly roundup of fun stuff to do this weekend, as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full.

At the Movies
While bound to be just as successful and Pixar's previous offerings, "Up" is not your typical animated children's movie. Featuring a a grumpy old widower and a seemingly hapless young boy, the film explores death, regret and, most importantly, love. Aside from a few scenes of peril and minor violence, the film's stunning visuals and strong role models make this a multi-generational delight. Rated PG, OK for Kids 6+

New in TownRene Zellweger is "New In Town" in this fish-out-of-water romantic comedy. Set in small-town Minnesota, the film tells the story of a big-city executive who finds herself out of her element and over her head. The cast of characters include suspicious factory workers, an overly cheerful assistant and, of course, one very handsome adversary. Mild swearing, a little kissing and one scene of accidental violence are about as rough as it gets. You know how this one ends, but there are worse ways waste 96 minutes of your life. Rated PG, OK for Kids 13+

New from Disney XD, "Zeke and Luther" are two boys on a mission to become rich and famous professional skateboarders. Facing interference from a friendly rival and a disdainful little sister, the pair find themselves in madcap situations that are neatly wrapped up at the end of each episode. Parents may find it bland, predictable and lacking in any real message, but kids will enjoy the vicarious ride with these skateboarding pals. Rated TV-Y7, OK for Kids 8+

If I Stay"If I Stay" by Gayle Forman is a well-written novel about a teen girl who survives a car crash that takes the lives of her entire family. While in a coma, she revisits the past, eavesdrops on the present and tries to decide whether to hang on to a future in which she will be alone and possibly disabled. It's real in every way, including the swearing, graphic descriptions of the accident and the implied sex. OK for Kids 14+

From the cast of Fox's new sitcom "Glee" , this cover of Journey's 1980's hit "Don't Stop Believin'" is kitchy and thin compared to the original. A new arrangement keeps it interesting and although the show is meant for teens, the song will likely appeal to younger kids. OK for Ages 13+

inFamous"inFAMOUS" for PlayStation 3 gives players superhuman powers and the choice to do good, evil or maybe a little of both. The goal, however you choose to get there, is to find the person responsible for a mysterious explosion that has caused Empire City collapse into chaos. How you choose to play impacts your powers and every action has a consequence. Or course, it is violent and has a few sexual references to boot, but at least it gives players the option to be the good guy. Rated T, OK for Kids 14+

"Wonderwall" is just what the world needs: Another gossip website. With content from sources such as Entertainment Tonight and the AP as well as original articles, the MSN site features photos, videos and blog entries. The layout is fairly innovative, but in the absence of comments or message boards, there is little to hold a teen's attention. OK for Kids 13+

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