Man Fathers 21 Kids With 11 Moms

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Desmond Hatchett, a 29-year-old man from Knoxville, Tennessee, has father -- are you ready for this? -- 21 children. With 11 different women. None of whom he is married to. And you thought Jon and Kate Gosselin had a lot of kids.

Oh, and he makes minimum wage, which makes it difficult for him to support all those kids financially, which has some Tennessee residents calling for a more permanent solution to Hatchett's fertility. If you get my drift.

According to this report from KCAL-TV, Hatchett claims to know all the children's "names, ages and birthdays." Which is impressive, considering I can barely remember mine, and I only have two kids, both of whom I see every day.

One of the mother's says that the $67.50/month Desmond is supposed to pay in child support isn't enough because her child is a "heavy milk drinker... and milk ain't cheap."

It's all well and good to make jokes about this sort of thing (one budding comic genius at this site says, "Now that's what I call burying the Hatchett!"). But the fact is, this dope has brought 21 unplanned children into the world that he can't support. If it happens once, OK. I still say men should be more careful where they, you know, spill their seed. But once, maybe you forgive. But 21 times?

We can't put all of the blame on the man, however. According to the news report, some of the women knew about Desmond's, um, prolific nature and they "deal with it." If you know the guy has done this before, don't you at least make him wear a condom? And if he refuses, tell him to get the hell out. Right?

The one positive thing in all of this is that Desmond does seem to care. While he's not able to make all of the payments (although the mom of the heavy milk drinker says that when she asks him for money, he "usually" pays), he does show up in court when he's supposed to. I know, small comfort. Especially since "The children can't all be supported by Desmond, so the state of Tennessee has had to step in," according to Hatchett's lawyer Keith Pope. By "step in" he means "pay for their care."

Local residents are angry, with some calling for forced sterilization. (I can't type the name of the method they suggest because it makes me cringe. But you know what I'm talking about.)

What do you think? Should a man who fathers this many accidental children be sterilized?

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