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Cloth diapers have never looked so cute. Image:

As if baby bottoms aren't cute enough -- check out gDiaper's ruffle diaper for girls. -- LilSugar

Pixar's newest children's movie "Up" is getting rave reviews, but Linda Holmes at NPR wishes they'd make a movie about girls ... and not about girls who are also princesses.

Often, moms are told to watch what they eat during pregnancy to avoid excess weight gain. But what about when they don't eat enough. Motherlode talks about a new disorder -- pregorexia.

Remember the story of David Goldman, an American father fighting for custody of his son in Brazil? A federal court ruled today that Goldman's son should come home ... today. -- AOL News

Leaving kids in the car -- where do you draw the line? Is there an age limit? A time limit? Or should kids never be left unattended in a vehicle? -- Strollerderby

Jon and Kate Plus 8, says a MomLogic blogger, is like a train wreck. She just can't look away. Are you watching?

Even Little Leaguers shake hands after a game, so is Lebron James a bad role model for kids? -- Whoa, Momma!

Should you give your child a multi-vitamin? Even the experts can't agree on whether it's necessary or not, but most say that as long as you aren't overdoing them, they probably won't hurt. -- BabyCenter

Expectant mom Molly Ringwald talks about her twins: "It will be nice that they have each other," says Ringwald. "I won't have to scramble for play dates; I am really bad about that." -- Celebrity Baby Blog


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