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We ran a series of potty training questions past some of ParentDish's celebrity mommy friends, who were generous enough to share their experiences with us. So far, we have heard some of their best advice, as well as some specific tips and strategies. Now we move on to the inevitable silly potty stories!

ParentDish asked...Do you have any funny potty training anecdotes or horror stories you can share?

Chyler Leigh
Once my son (who's now 5), became aware that he had to poop at around 2 years old, he would hide and/or suddenly become very quiet. One day we had put him in his room for his nap and he decided that he no longer wanted to keep his dirty diaper on. Well, since he had been making noise and suddenly got quiet, I figured that he had either fallen asleep very quickly or was up to no good. My husband ran upstairs to check on him and then immediately yelled for me. Assuming the worst, I headed up. And sure enough, my son had taken his dirty diaper (and all that was inside of it) and smeared it all over the wall. Unfortunately for us, we had a short cut shag carpet that the remnants of poo easily burrowed into. That's when we knew that it was time to look into potty training.

*Chyler plays the role of intern Lexie Gray on ABC's "Gray's Anatomy." Photo: Jeffrey Mayer, WireImage.

Melora Hardin
My first daughter potty trained herself by 18 months (because of the cloth diapers -- I'm convinced). Our second daughter didn't get out of nighttime diapers until she was a little over 4, but as soon as she said to me she wanted to not wear a diaper to bed, we started letting her go and there have been many wet beds to deal with, but we have a great waterproof mattress cover (from Pottery Barn Kids) under the sheets. We still take her to the bathroom in the middle of the night when one of us gets up to go. It's pretty funny because she stays asleep when we put her on the potty -- we can plop her right back on the bed after and she never even notices. Now she rarely has an accident. When she does have an accident, we try to make light of it and tell her it's no big deal, but when there are dry sheets we always try to make sure and tell her how proud we are of her.

*Melora recently directed, starred and co-produced a film called "YOU," which was released via the internet on Mother's Day, May 8, 2009. Melora is also well-known for her role as Jan on NBC's "The Office." Photo: David Livingston, Getty Images.

Brooke Burke
I potty trained my first daughter on an island, she was able to go in nature when she felt the sensation, so there were no accidents trying to make it to a restroom.

*Brooke's website, BabooshBaby.com, features maternity and post-pregnancy products. Photo: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images.

Melissa Joan Hart
Too many to count. But I did end up cutting a hole in Mason's diaper to try to get him to go #2 on the potty, and when it fell out of his diaper, he ran around the bathroom, yelling and stepping in it. It was traumatic, but it worked.

*Melissa currently stars in "My Fake Fiance," an ABC Family Original Movie co-starring Joey Lawrence. Check local listings for upcoming air times. Photo: Kevin Winter, Getty Images.

Nancy O'Dell
Chocolate seems to work wonders! Ashby takes after her father and LOVES anything chocolate....M&Ms, chocolate chip cookies, etc. After she has a successful potty time, I sometimes give her a sweet surprise! Now she can't wait to go the the potty because she loves to get her M&M's after!

*Nancy is the author of "Full of Life: Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant" and is also the host of "Access Hollywood." Photo: Lester Cohen, Getty Images.

Chandra Wilson
I would have my girls spend time sitting (on the potty) until the tinkle showed up. Then we would "pat, pat, pat, pat, put it in the potty" with the tissue.

*Chandra will join the Broadway cast of "Chicago" this summer in the role of Matron "Mama" Morton. She also plays Chief Resident Miranda Bailey on ABC's "Gray's Anatomy." Photo: Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images.

Joan Lunden
Well with twins, when one has to go, it gives the other the idea that maybe THEY have to go too! In fact, one time I went into my twins' Max and Kate's room and smelled something suspicious. I looked in the toilet, looked around the room, but found nothing. Later that evening, when I still smelled the suspect odor, I asked the kids about it and found out that while one had been using the toilet, the other had to go so badly that he went number 2 in the trash can!!

*Joan is the Host of DIRECTV's "Hometown Heroes," which airs every Sunday at 9am on DIRECTV's 101 Network. Photo: Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images.

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