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Get sandal-perfect toes with a home pedicure. Photo courtesy of

Get out your tissues: A dad returns from Iraq and surprises his 10-year-old daughter on her next to last day from school. -- Jezebel

Not sure what to get that dad-to-be for Father's Day? How about a set of custom sonogram cufflinks? -- Boing Boing

They come by it naturally: Britney Spear's boys groove backstage while on tour with their mom. -- PopEater

Tired of arguing over who's getting up with baby night after night? LilSugar has some inventive methods for deciding whose turn it really is.

What are your rules for sleepovers? Do you have an age limit? Do you let your kids sleepover with families you don't know very well? And what about co-ed sleepover? Momversation talks it out.

Neanderdad uses humor to describe how he feels when his wife gets everything "right," and he always get it "wrong." A great discussion starter on how moms and dads tackle parenting in different ways. -- Motherlode

Now this is cute: This little cutie pie -- not even two -- is American Idol alum Adam Lambert's biggest fan. -- MomLogic

Graduating from community college -- pretty common. Graduating from community college -- with honors -- when you're only eleven years old? That's something to talk about. -- Strollerderby

It's sandal weather, but your budget won't allow for a pedicure. No worries -- here are some tips for DIY beautiful toes and feet. -- Work It, Mom!


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