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Heidi Klum

Heidi Kium's Buddha belly. Photo: Getty Images.

Tired of giving the same old shower gift? Make the mom-to-be a basket of beauty booty. -- Babble

Make a family picnic easy by using stuff you have around the house (like those nine million plastic bags from the grocery). -- Lil Sugar

Through June 30th, kids shoes are buy one, get one half off at Payless. Sweet! -- MomFinds

Can't stop watching Jon & Kate? That's okay -- one expert says reality TV is good for you. -- MomLogic

Think about all the places you put your handbag during the day -- like on the floor in the public restroom. Could your bag be making you sick? -- Divine Caroline

Time to shop for Father's Day! How about a flip camera, or an electric wine cellar? Just no more ties, please. -- The Cradle

If you're watching your pennies this Father's Day, think about a craft instead -- make Dad an origami shirt or a cool mini tool box (that one is a little harder, though). -- AlphaMom

Heidi Klum's kids can't keep their hands of her pregnant belly. Who can blame them, really? -- Celebrity Baby Blog

One dad asks that instead of thinking of Dad only on Father's Day, we notice all the cool things he does every day, like open pickles and water the plants and put the seat down. -- Work It, Mom!


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