Planning a Road Trip? Stay Busy in the Car

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Car Games

    Do you drive the minivan with the DVD player or without? If you're taking a car trip this summer and constantly telling your kids to "watch the corn grow" or seriously limit road screen time like you do at home, check out these great resources to get those car trip kids engaged and happy. Preparing a bag of tricks ahead of time beats having them stare blankly at SpongeBob for hours.


    Foil Art and Cooties
    Moms MiniVan offers a host of fantastic ideas when the road-going gets rough. Foil Art easily kills a hundred miles for any princess or prince. Then fold together and decorate Cootie Catchers for an instant seventh-grade flashback – pick a color, pick a number, he loves me, he loves me not.

    Bev Sklar

    License Plate Hunt
    Print out this license plate map and pass out the crayons. Kids love spotting license plates on the road. If you're missing obscure states, head to Disneyworld and forage the parking lot. You may finally learn those state and capitals, too.


    Arts and Crafts
    Color Wonder brand markers, coloring books and sheets are a magical road trip invention. Our family loves passing around a Color Wonder blank sheet, taking turns adding our artistic inspiration to the picture. Artistic gender differences are priceless.


    On-The-Go Games
    Moms MiniVan has a printable Battleship game, but if your kids prefer sinking a real plastic ship, try this travel version or pick from tons of offerings at Board Game Central.


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