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A sock subscription for Father's Day?. Image:

The other reality TV family -- the Duggars -- tell The Washington Post that they're praying for Jon and Kate Gosselin. Oh, and they have advice for them too. -- LilSugar

Koko the "talking" gorilla gets a visit from her TV idol, Mr. Rogers. Oh how you are missed, Fred Rogers. -- Boing Boing

Possibly the most stylish way ever to get through your to-do list. -- Cool Mom Picks

If you're following along on Twitter, then you've already heard the news. Heather Armstrong -- aka Dooce, aka world's most famous parenting blogger -- welcomed baby number two over the weekend. -- CafeMom

Throwing your teen a party this summer? Keep them busy with a wild goose chase of a scavenger hunt. MomLogic has some ideas.

A 14-year-old boy claims he was hit by a pea-sized meteorite as it fell to Earth. The meteorite is real, but is his story? -- LiveScience

What's worse than opening up a pair of socks on Father's Day? How about a sock subscription? That is, unless, your dad really loves socks. -- Strollerderby

"American Idol" alum Bo Rice and his wife Caroline are expecting baby number three. " 'American Idol' has a new winner each year -- seems things are the same in our house," Rice tells People magazine. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Last day off school surprise -- a backpack stuffed with artwork. Keep your favorites, then use the rest to make personalized notebooks. -- AlphaMom


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