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It's time to get ready for Father's Day! Photo: sxc.hu

Got a stepfather to buy for this Father's Day? Or maybe an ex that your kids need to shop for? Here are some helpful hints when shopping for stepfamily. -- Divine Caroline

He makes a very valid point. A stay-at-home dad says that even as more dads are becoming caregivers, the language of parenthood still belongs to the moms. -- Motherlode

Dad of five Ziggy Marley opens up to Babble about his real name (it's not Ziggy) and why children are drawn to music.

Every dad needs a handmade catch-all to set on his dresser. Family Fun has an easy one, as well as other great craft ideas, like these emoticon magnets.

Here's an easy-peasy craft that'll make Dad smile. A banner letting him know he's loved. -- BabyCenter

Beyond socks, ties, and coffee cups: Work It, Mom! has Father's Day gifts that are sure to make dad happy. I especially like their photo-themed ideas.

Know a man who loves NPR? Then here's the perfect Father's Day gift for him: "NPR's Driveway Moments for Dads." -- Cool Mom Picks

Ever wonder how it all began? Here's the history of Father's Day from it's beginning back in 1908. -- The History Channel


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