Parents' Most Embarrassing Moments

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Every parent has been there: You take your young child out into the world and they do or say something that makes you absolutely cringe. You apologize profusely and remove your child from the situation as quickly as possible -- but you wish you could just disappear. So embarrassing! The inappropriate questions to strangers, the impromptu stripteases in public places, the public potty mishaps, the restaurant horror's enough to make us cower in shame.

Because one parent's humiliation is another parent's giggle, we wanted to gather together some of the most mortifying parental moments we could find. We asked real parents from both the ParentDish and communities to share their disgraces...and to our delight, they delivered in spades! Enjoy...

Parents Most Embarrassing Moments

    When I was pregnant, my sister explained to her 3½-year-old daughter that the reason my tummy was so big was because there was a baby in there. In the grocery store a few days later, an overweight woman walked by and my niece yells, "Mommy, many babies does she have in HER tummy?"

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    When my son was about 8 months old at Mommy and Me swimming class, he pulled my bathing suit top down while we were getting into the pool. I was mortified to discover that a daddy who was there with his son got a nice view of me without a top!

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    We were at the golf course where Daddy was playing a round. I took my eyes off my son, 3, for a minute to scan the course. When I looked back, he had dropped his shorts and was peeing into the little golf ball cup in the middle of a green! Perfect aim, of course. I grabbed his sisters, loaded them up in the cart, started to back away and he came running. We pulled out of there so fast! I'm sure whoever was up next to golf that hole had an interesting round!


    When my son was 15 months old, he was really into elephants and trumpeting like an elephant while raising his arm like the trunk every time he saw one. We were on a walk one day, and a large woman was walking past us; my son raised his arm and trumpeted like he saw an elephant. I was mortified.

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    Both of these things happened on the same trip to the grocery store. My 3-year-old son and I were shopping, and there was an older man with a large stomach in the aisle with us. He started chatting up my son. After about two questions from the man, my son blurted out to me (as if the man wasn't standing RIGHT there), "Mommy, why his belly so big?! He got a baby in there, too?" The man just walked away. A few aisles down, there was another man with no teeth. He was older and his lips were sunken in. Well, my son noticed and said, as loud as he could, "Mommy, why he do this?" and proceeded to suck his lips in around his teeth and "gum" his mouth up and down.

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    I was a single mom with my first child. I had been dating a guy for a bit and decided to let him meet my son, who was about 2½ years old at the time. The guy was in the middle of talking to him and my son asked, "Why are your teeth the color of mustard?"


    We have a new baby on the way, and I was explaining to our 2½-year-old son that babies don't eat food like us, they drink milk from mama. One day at day care, as his provider knelt down to give him his goodbye hugs and kiss, instead of hugging he yanked the top of her shirt down, grabbed her boob, and said, "Baby milk?" All before I could even react! I was absolutely MORTIFIED! I could feel my face turning bright red as I tried to tactfully release his death grip on her shirt.


    We went to the local Walmart and my 3-year-old son saw this lady with a rather large butt. He walks over to her, puts his finger right in her butt crack and says, "Big butt!"


    I have three grown children who have embarrassed me many times. The most memorable was my son when he was 5 years old. He fell straddle on a steamer trunk (the metal kind) and sustained an injury to his penis. When the swelling went down, the doctors felt he needed a partial circumcision. At the grocery store about four days later, a little old lady came up to us in the produce aisle commenting on how cute my son and newborn daughter were and my son says, "I have an owie on my horsie, want to see?" At this point, he had began calling his penis a horse, no idea where he got that from! Anyway, he proceeded to whip down his pants to show her. I thought that poor old lady was going to faint.

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    We were on line at Costco, waiting forever to get checked out when my 3-year-old daughter (with horror in her eyes) shouted, "MOM, look at that scary man!" So I turn around...and it was an extremely unattractive LADY! I didn't know where to go, because I was surrounded by people and it's not easy moving around once you are on line. Meanwhile, my daughter didn't stop -- "MOMMY, it's not Halloween, why is that man so scary!?" The woman was shocked. I finally shut my daughter up by opening an unpaid-for bag of chips, which she started munching on.

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