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Spend a safe and fun summer with your kids. Photo: sxc.hu

Don't let kids waste beautiful summer days in front of the TV or video games. Here are five ways to keep the whole family active and healthy this summer. -- Health.com

One of those activities is sure to involve the pool or the beach, so here are top tips for keeping your child safe in the water. -- The Cradle

Babies use their cribs for such a short time, then you're left storing it or looking for friends who can use it. What if you could just throw it in the recycling bin? Check out this cardboard bed for baby. -- LilSugar

One of Momversation's latest episodes, "Are You a Stressed Out Working Mom?" has a lot of moms talking about staying at home, working at home and working outside the home. Check it out.

Here's an easy way to increase the cute factor of your Father's Day gift - an origami "tie" card. -- CafeMom

"I fell asleep," claims a teen who says she asked for three tattoos and ended up with 56 ... on her face. Do you think her story holds any water? -- Lemondrop

More trouble for "American Idol" alum David Archuleta's dad, who was arrested for soliciting a prostitute at a massage parlor in Utah. -- Popeater

Got a pet lover in the house? Here are the top 10 movies for animal lovers, most of them appropriate for kids -- Charlotte's Web, Black Beauty and The Bear, for example -- Pawnation

Parents who are not morning people still give birth to children who are. Need help dealing with a talkative child before you've had a chance to drink your morning coffee? Alpha Mom has the tips.

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