Breast is Best for College

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A dose of good grades? Photo: littleREDelf/Flickr

You nursed your first-born three months then fled to the bottle. A more experienced mommy the second time around, you happily nursed your second-born for over a year, feeling bittersweet when you announced last call at The Breast Bar and went 100 percent sippy cups. Other than the first angel costing more thanks to pricey formula, will formula or breast milk make a difference in your kids' college plans?

Beyond nutritional perfection, one new sibling study says breast may be best for higher grades and college. After researching 126 children from 59 families to compare infant siblings who were breast-fed versus bottle-fed, results revealed Mommy's milk is associated with substantial increases in high school grade point average and the probability of attending college.

Oh great. I apologize to my first-born son. But before mommy guilt sets in, remember this: The operative word here is associated -- researchers acknowledge this study has not delivered a definitive causal link. Yet it's hard to ignore sibling data. Babies were raised by the same milk-mom, in likely the same home.

I loved breastfeeding, but admit I was better in the mommy dairy barn the second time around. Yet my youngest, who breast-fed nearly twice as long as the oldest, was a veritable breast-latch-monkey capable of feeding from nearly any angle. She also seemed to crave breastfeeding more intensely. But perhaps I simply let her breastfeed longer because I knew she was likely my last.

Does anyone have a personal testimonial on their children's breast versus bottle academic performance? Do share.

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