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Kid behaved badly on a playdate? Send an apology card. Photo:

Kate Gosselin admits it: Jon's been asking for a divorce for "a long time." She says that on a good day, she feels relief. On a bad, she feels failure. -- Whoa, Momma!

One less things for parents of college freshman to worry about this fall: President Obama says kids under 21 shouldn't be allowed to get credit cards. What do you think? -- Mother Talkers

Marijuana mamas: Just over half of women surveyed -- ages 25 to 60 -- admit to using marijuana up to 10 times a year. But they won't admit it because they're afraid it makes them look like a bad mom. -- MomLogic

Lisa Kudrow is still making us laugh: Watch her new online series, Web Therapy. -- RoleMommy

Stimey's got a great idea for keeping kids busy this summer: An at-home camp. I'd have to get my kids to get out of the pool first, though. -- Stimeyland

These are cute and hilarious: Apology cards for parents of misbehaving children. "Sorry my kid pushed yours," reads one. -- Cool Mom Picks

Parents treat unplanned children differently than their planned siblings, says a study. If you've had a surprise pregnancy, do you believe it? -- LilSugar

Forget the due date, the latest trend is the "do-it" date. Use The Cradle's calculator to figure out how to plan your own due date.

More and more families are facing their own personal budget crunch. As the belt gets tighter, do you explain the family's finances to the kids? Or is it smarter to make that an adults-only topic? -- Work It, Mom!


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